Hi! I’m so sorry that the content of this blog is only in Italian! However, you can find some of my social in English. On Instagram, my profile is in English! Also on my Pinterest you find contents in English. Ah you can also visit my  YouTube channel, images have no language!

However, should you be interested in receiving information about a destination in Italy or just hear my thoughts about a particular place in the world I have visited don’t be shy, contact me at the e-mail address below! I’m always happy to share my travel experiences with fellow travelers!

Be local! 

Do you want to discover Milan with a travel blogger who lives there? It’s always a good way to discover the real city, not only the touristic areas.

Do you wish to see the Roman Milan? Or the modern one with its high buildings? Do you prefer to follow the Leonardo Da Vinci trail? Are you willing to have fun with shopping? You want to discover the Milan classics? Do you want to find out something about Monza (the city has a lot more to offer than Formula 1!).  If you like cars you might want to visit the famous Alfa Romeo museum in Arese.

The Milan area is so rich you’ll have difficulties choosing what to do.

In any case, contact me, I’ll be happy to guide you to the discovery of Milan and its area, just let me know what you wish to see.

telegram: @ilmondosecondogipsy


Should you be interested in a collaboration with me in English there’s absolutely no problem!

You can contact me via e-mail at this address:, I’ll be happy to answer!

Generally speaking, what I normally consider for a collaboration is what you can find in the list here below, but, if you are thinking about something different, just write me, I’ll consider your idea!

– Tour test;
– Travel related activities or hotel/b&b etc. reviews;
– Review of travel related products;
– Promotion of tourist/travel destinations;
– Sponsored articles or articles in collaboration;
– Social media advertising;
– Banner;
– Blog Tour, press tours and similar;
– Travel consultancy;

If you want to take a look at my blog insights write me to receive the mediakit in English.

As a trasparency choice towards my readers please consider that:

Articles written after a blogtour will be posted in the category “blogtour” and have their own voice in the menu.

Articles appearing on my blog made in collaboration will contain the sentence “in collaborazione” and  will be inserted in the “in collaborazione“ category.

Sponsored articles will contain the sentence “articolo sponsorizzato” and  will be inserted in the  “articoli sponsorizzati” category.


I am part of the Italian Travel Blogger Association (AITB)


Up to now, I have worked with:

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18/11/17 Blogtour of Bergamo Alta in collaboration with Visit Bergamo e Bergamo Guide

19 e 20 May 2018 Blogtour of Castellamonte (TO) and its pottery art in collaboration with Associazione Italiana Città della Ceramica e Associazione Italiana Travel Blogger

3 e 4 November 2018: Visit of Lugano (Switzerland) in collaboration with Swiss International Holiday Exhibition and Lugano Region

I’m author of guest posts in collaboration with:

Blog di viaggi 

Non solo turisti

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